Obnoxious. That's the word for tod- Not really. Prepare for part 2 of.. Adventures in Terraria and it's obnoxious greatness :D (Your thoughts: Not again..)

As everyone does, they load up their world with a click of a button. Click. I spawned on my old spawn point, the dessert. I encountered a few slimes on my way back to my little home. I went into my messy home (Dirt walls and bearly finished) to accomplish my first goal, Build a house. First of all, I had to clear out the dirt walls, not like I'd liked to have a half woody wall with dirty and moist dirt walls. I built a crafting table and then a woody and slow hammer. Great. Now I had to clear out 5 tons of dirt. (To make a story short) After 9 long hours (Wasn't really more than 2 mins) I finished and placed wooden blocks along the dirt walls. My first goal was done for today and headed out to "Slap" those slimes with my friend, Copper Pickaxe. 10 mins later with 57 gel to make enough torches, I expanded my house into a condo- Wait! A cave condo?! No dummy, a Condo with a basement. Atlast, it became night suiting me the best after a long 40 mins of clicking. Once again, with a click of a clicky button, I saved my world and closed Terraria.

My second "blog" was a success :D (Atleast it didn't kill me.)

XDanny7 23:05, July 6, 2011 (UTC)