I am running out of ideas now.. Welcome back! We shall resume to Part 3 of.. Adventures in Terraria, feel free to say I'll fail.

Open. Load. Finish. Back in the desert! I walked again (This was tiring me now) to my newest Condo with a basement. I started to think it was a bit boring now, so I thought, if this is like Minecraft, then I could build a mine! Obviously, I failed a couple times setting it up on a good place. Constantly, slimes would slow me down and it'd be almost night when I'd finish so I found a large mountain, not to brag about either but it was huge in a number that can cover my house just like a tiny puny ant. Like any miner would do, I start making a entrance to start my mine. That took 1 or 2 mins. No worries, I had it all planned so I started right away! (10 mins later) I found a couple vines of copper and 17 iron. My mine had started straight until I remembered that if I did go straight, i'd end up in the other side of the mountain, so I digged 3 spaced horizontaly and after that, I went back to make plataforms. It was midday now, so I did the best to do it fast. After a while, my mine had found another vines of copper, it was 15 floors (In length of how high you can jump onto the other plataforms) so I'd figured I finished my job here. It was midnight already and decided to go back and as always, with a click of a button, I saved my world to continue the glorious world, Terraria in the next blog post.

Maybe no spelling failures here, but if there is, please tell me! Also please send feedback on what I should do next in my world (I play Terraria first and then do the blog posts.) Maybe in the next one, i'll post pictures along with it (Like after this post, I'll post 3 pictures, 1 obviously, my home, then the other two can be anything you guys want me to show you)

XDanny7 19:52, July 7, 2011 (UTC)