I'm sorry to show my face in this situation, I know I was absent and it was because I ran out of chips to eat ._. Welcome back! I guess. To part 4 of ADVENTURES IN TERRARIA now in HD. (To make it HD, you have to press Alt + F4) If you didn't fell in that, congrats :D

Click. Loaded myself back into the game, with new chips, and a bunny on my right side waiting for me to make a movement. Luckily, I didn't save on a blood moon. Unluckily, that same day, after my explorations from the invasion of Spain, I found a pack of zombies in my mining shaft where I had found a large cave, rich in ores, orgasming- WAIT! They can't do such a thing, of course not! They were "ARGH" and "URGH"ing waiting for me. Silly people. I went back into my condo, where I had found a bunny. Even maybe the same one from the start! So, since the sun was still setting, I opened the door, and it hopped evily outside. After that, I decided to build a greenhouse connected to the side of my house to harvest mushrooms and seeds. The night settled and guess what. "The Blood Moon is Rising" came up in the corner of my game. Well, atleast I didn't get surprised. I blocked the top part of the door with a wooden block so I could survive like a tiny little girl. I fought (From the bottom of my door) the zombies and the Demon's Eyes with my tiny puny sword (Iron Broadsword) which could bearly hit them. Who cared anyways, I thought, I am the damn brave girl who founded this condo! Now I shall do what a founder does! (2 mins later) I found myself in my newest panic room which was implanted in my condo. Great :D!!! Click. Saved. This is XDanny7 signing out, (I guess) for the next time in Terraria.

This was such a drag. Here's my house :D

Danny's condo

That's my condo >:D

And here's my panic room o_O

Danny's panic room

My puny panic room.

XDanny7 00:57, July 12, 2011 (UTC)