Welcome back. Sorry for the late post, actually, my school started and I was very busy. Anyways, welcome back to Adventures in Terraria, with your new host, Bob! Not Bob the builder people, he's Bob Sanchez XD

Click. Spawn. Walk. Back in my condo :D In my condo, I continued to work on my basement, where I made a awesome fountain. And after that, nothing else. My Basement remained empty due to I didn't know what to do to it. I actually preferred it to be like that so it could be my "Storage" room. After a few minutes of thinking what to do with it, I thought, I could make another mine but this one implanted into my condo :D! Failure number 6 came up, it was exhaustening to make a mine, just the way I wanted it, without fails or mistakes. Unfortunately for me, it did happen various times. Although, I could make a straight down mine like my other but it would seem to boring, so maybe I could make it levels to levels like an elevator stopping at a certain floor, to make a straight foward mine. After two attempts, it did work out and now, my mine implanted to my condo was perfect! I went back up and found myself in night time. Now that I had a few cobweb, I decided to make silk sheets in order to get a bed. Now, I could make use of my basement in the topper part of it, where I could view the surface. Now, I decided to make a hotel for more NPC's that would arrive at my house. Due to the guide staying on my condo's upper part, it would count it as just one home, so I had to make another home in order to get a merchant to come. I gathered supplies and started working for a few minutes to make a fairly tall hotel. Maybe this is where I stop my blog post or entry post of my adventure. Have fun guys! -XDanny7 22:39, July 23, 2011 (UTC)

In some ways, I enjoyed to make these Adventures with you guys, sadly, I'll end them at part 10. Don't get your hopes high that it might last long. Sorry ):

My new basement, my WIP Hotel and my new mine.

  • Hotel WIP (Work in Progress)
  • My new Basement.
  • My new mine connected to my basement.

Laters, XDanny7 22:39, July 23, 2011 (UTC)