One I think of, and also the one I had in mind the most was a Space Biome, probably already an idea by someone, but not to it's full intent. One way it could be reached is to be on a floating island, once there, you'll need some gold bars, perhaps 5 to craft the Golden Anvil. With it, you can craft the Space Boots with the Rocket boots and 20 fallen stars as well as the "Advanced Anvil Crafting". Then you fly up, with them and you'll be teleported into the Space Biome. To go back to the normal world, just unequip the Space Boots and you'll be teleported back.

Once there, everything will be looking space themed, dirt will be Moon Dust, stone will be Moon Rocks, etc. In the space biome, there will be a certain type of boss, can be summoned with 10 worm tooths, 20 slime balls, created by 5 Gel and 5 Moonglow making the Alien Predator. Also, in the space biome, there will be different ores such as Meteor (more common on the Space Biome than in the normal world), Purified Crystals, Darkness Crystals (Usually found in the Dark side of the Space Biome), Plasma Ores and Acidic Ores. Each serving their purpose.


(These items are need to be crafted in the Golden Anvil so it doesn't only serve one purpose, just like the Saw Mill)

Moon Dust can make Moon Particles, which will be needed for the Moon Cells. Moon Cells are dangerous little balls that can be used as ammo for the Space Gun. They can melt away 2-5 blocks (Only on single player).

Moon Rocks can make purify powder, useful for the corruption and for the Darkness Crystals, also found in the Space biome.

The Purified Crystals can serve for 3 different purposes.

~One is for decoration, can be placed on Plataforms and Tables.

~The second is to make the Compressed Crystal, once again for decoration and can be used to make the Compressed Bullet Shield. The Compressed Bullet Shield can be used for all types of bullet ammo making it 25-30% chance of returning you the bullet like arrows.

~And third of all, the Purified Crystal can be used for Overpowered Crystals (By crafting it using 3 Purified Crystals), a new type of ammo for the Plasma Gun. (This can only penetrate 2 mobs.)

Plasma Gun

The plasma gun can be crafted from the Plasma Ores into Plasma Bars. With them, you can make the Illegal Plasma Case, making the Plasma Gun with the Compressed Crystal. The plasma gun uses Overpowered Crystals, Darkness Crystals, and Meteor Shots.

Acidic Ores

They can be used to either make Acid Liquid, can only travel through 2-3 blocks but cannot melt down Obsidian (Only on Single Player) or can be used to make Radioactive Bars, which are the upgraded version of molten tools. Instead of wooden blocks to make handles, they require Iron bars to make the Radioactive Tools. They the twice the power of the original Molten tools, they have meele attack of 30 damage (Not counting the defense of the mob, meaning, if they do have defense points, those will lower the damage). The Radioactive Tools work just like the Molten tools in the Space biome, however, if you bring them to the normal world, they have twice the power of the Molten tools. Vice Versa as well meaning Molten tools will be inferior in the Space biome compared to the Radioactive Tools.

The Darkness Crystals have three abilites as of now.

~They can be used as vile powder, except, exposing more blocks (About 5-8) and can make the blocks corrupted.

~You can consume it, and either get the Darkness debuff or get a buff that says, "Darkness has overwhelmed you.." and mobs will not attack you (Meaning if you pass by, you will just go through), unless provoked (Attacking).

~They can be used as ammo for the Plasma gun, unlike the Purified Crystals, these ones can make the mobs blind for 10 seconds, giving you enough time to escape. (This ammo can only penetrate 4 mobs.)

That's all for this time, I'll add new things, so please send me feedback or ideas :D

XDanny7 22:40, August 27, 2011 (UTC)