Alrighty! The time has come and it will be for limited time :D (Relatively not) If you wish to join my server on Terraria, your chance has come! Here are the details and the requirements to join: First of all, the details are that you have to join atleast one day a week, in other cases, I can't have you gone for a week while you take space when someone else wants to join, secondly, there is no PvP in this server so if you wanted that, then please leave this instant. And least but not last, GRIEFERS ARE NOT ALLOWED. You will be IP banned from my server if you destroy other people's creations without their PERMISSION.

Once you have that cleared, we move onto the requirements:

-The latest version of LogMeIn Hamachi.

-A nice smooth computer with the requierements that Terraria asks you to have.

And now the server details: Hamachi server name: TerrariaSMP.123 and it's password: 12345

Before you do even join, please leave a comment saying your Name and that you wish to join my server before I do kick you out. Thanks for reading :D (There's currently 1 space remaining to join)

XDanny7 16:36, July 12, 2011 (UTC)