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    Hello everyone, I'm sure most of you know how to do this but here is a very easy guide to light and night soul farming.

    1st Method) What you need: -50-50+ blocks of meteorite ore. -A gold or better pickaxe or drill. -A weapon. (recomended) -Obsidian Skull ect. (recomended)

    What you need to do: (hellovator recomended) -Make a slighty enclosed area in the underground Hallow or Corruption. -Remove a chunk out of the ground the size of the amount of meteorite ore you have. -fill the hole in with all of your meteorite ore. -Wait for the Meteor Heads to spawn. -When you kill them every 5th one or so will drop a soul.

    2nd Method) What you need: -A weapon -An item that allows flight eg. Rocket Boots. (reomended) -A hellovator or a cave that leeds to…

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