Hello everyone, I'm sure most of you know how to do this but here is a very easy guide to light and night soul farming.

1st Method) What you need: -50-50+ blocks of meteorite ore. -A gold or better pickaxe or drill. -A weapon. (recomended) -Obsidian Skull ect. (recomended)

What you need to do: (hellovator recomended) -Make a slighty enclosed area in the underground Hallow or Corruption. -Remove a chunk out of the ground the size of the amount of meteorite ore you have. -fill the hole in with all of your meteorite ore. -Wait for the Meteor Heads to spawn. -When you kill them every 5th one or so will drop a soul.

2nd Method) What you need: -A weapon -An item that allows flight eg. Rocket Boots. (reomended) -A hellovator or a cave that leeds to hell. -An obsidain skin potion. (recomended) -A block to make a platform.

What you need to do: -Make a strait platform below the underground corruption or hallow, in hell. -Simpily kill the normal hell enemies and they should drop souls.

Although the first one is more reliable, it costs more to make. Thank you for reading! Leave you sugestions for soul farms in the comments! -Skratch :D