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    In the mobile version of Terraria, there is a tutorial mode. It is a quick introduction to terarria, but it has secrets in it. Here are some basic notes.

    Only biomes are underground, purity, and underworld. Nothing else

    A possessed armor spawns far on the left of the floating island, below it.

    Players can't die from monsters

    Players are named student

    A vulture always spawns after creating your house.

    There is an obsidian barrier, with lava.

    So I was exploring the floating island, and decided to build a hellevator. The water from the hellevator spread on the lava barrier, and created obsidian on it. Mobs spawned on the obsidian path, including 2 nymphs. I was lucky to find undead miners to harvest their bombs, because I had no pickaxe to break the…

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