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How to defeat any boss in terraria

ZeKingVim February 18, 2012 User blog:ZeKingVim

This is just a simple guid to killing any boss in terraria (Including skelly prime)

First you will need;

1 stack of hellstone

Full cobalt or mythrill armour

Crystal storm/ Cursed Flames

Crossed Necless

Sorcers emblem

Mana Flower

About 3 mega Healing potions

1 stack of Mega Mana Potions

And about 40-60 Def

Second Things you must NOT have;

Obby Skull

Obby Sheild

Obby horseShoe

All of the obby items mess up the plan!

Okay! Now to set it up make a long bridge of hellstone, and wait till night time!

Once night has come, spawn your boss and stay on the bridge, so the thing is with this is that the hellstone does damage to you, and the cross necless makes it so you can't take sdamage for seconds so that means the boss can't hurt you unless you step off the hellstone so just rapid fire on them and within 3-8 minutes you will have you souls!

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