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Armor Classes

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Terraria has no class system but, players use classes that they base their characters off of. The hard-mode armors each have varying defense and extra effects depending on the helmet the player chooses to wear, all of which is depicted in the graph below.

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These classes are the warrior, the ranger and, the mage, each specializing in a type of combat. Many players combine these classes to become more efficient in combat but the armors only give you three choices, because of this a mage can wear a warriors armor, although they would be at a disadvantage. Not calculating in accessories or prefixes you can get be reforging, there are armor sets that you would obviously try to get straight away, but when you look at the armor differences and the extra effects is it really worth going through all the trouble to obtain those armor sets?

The classes the game gives you due to armor effect are the following: warrior, ranger, mage. When you think about it those are the easiest to make because they are broad subjects. Below is a graph showing multiple classes with names that fit their combat style and a ranking of how well they use different weapons.

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These classes come from different games although the classes can be used in Terraria. Each class uses each type of weapon differently and the prefixes weapons can gain changes the weapon's effectiveness, therefore there will be no graph for weapons.

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