So I got this new hobby and its called Terraria. I played by myself for a while but now that my girlfriend is into it we play nearly everyday. Once we got into the dungeon, however, I found there really wasn't much to do. I really didn't want to get bored of this so fast. In fact I desperately didn't want to get bored of it. I knew there were updates comming but still... But then I found the wiki. I was looking up an easy way to get the Sun Fury and I found something that needed corrcting. I wrote it in the comments below and let it be. Then I thought, why don't I do it? It was scary to be honest. It was minor and I didn't know if I'd get fire breathed upon me by those who own the wiki. But I made the edit and waited. I watched the Wiki Activity page to see if anyone changed it back. And they didn't. So I started looking into more pages. I started to have alot of fun with it. Then when 1.0.3 came out I found that I wanted to make my own page. I was scared again and asked a vet. for advice on this talk wall. He said 'sounds cool'. Thus my first page was made (It was Mages). Ever since I've been comming back to this wiki and editing, reformatting, adding pictures and the like. And that was that. How did you start on this wiki?