Griefing. Video spam. Incorrect information. These are problems we all face in the wiki. However, I am quite please to say that we’ve really cleaned up the place. The video ‘purge’ was extremely successful thanks to a HUGE team effort. Most everything posted has a source and picture count is down and under control. And sure there’s still griefing, but even though we can never be rid of trolls entirely, we’ve kept it pretty under control. The wiki’s interface makes it easy to undo changes made by trolls and is super user friendly. Though this may be parts of its downfall, its also a great help to the team. So this is a shout-out to you guys. To Osculate, herogaming, and all the other moderators. To port5, Rrauw, Techpriest and all the others that are way too many to mention. And especially Dratini17. I just wanted to say: Thank you. For everyone’s hard work and diligence. Keep it up guys, you’re awesome.