Ok, here is one event that I have thought up for Terraria, and I'd actually kinda like to see it ingame. At a rare chance at dawn, you would get a message that would say "A large amount of insects are gathering to the [east, west]. This message spawns flocks of flying insects, that will move onto any tree it sees, and after a few seconds, they will fly off, green/brown particles will fly off of the tree, and it will become a Dead Tree; just like a normal tree, except no branches, no leaves, and slightly darker. The bug swarms would have somewhere around 30HP, but they would attack doing ~22 damage. This will make the game seem like it has an effect of real-time disasters, because the trees won't repair themselves afterwards, they will need to be replanted, but they can still be chopped down just like a normal tree- the effect is purely cosmetic.

So, what do you guys think? If you like my ideas (such as my Zombie Alteration blog post), comment on my talk page or on this blog, and I'll try to start making more! ,¸¸,‹•*"[ Zimio² ]•›,¸¸, 01:27, August 8, 2011 (UTC)