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Souls of Smite

Zimio February 21, 2012 User blog:Zimio

I had an idea about a new kind of souls; Souls of Smite.

These souls would be dropped by any monster that was killed within 2 seconds of it's initial first hit upon the player that have 150 or more HP, making them a common drop but still of a slight rarity. These souls could drop anywhere, but only by mobs that were killed in this speed. They do not always drop, only on an approximate 1:5 chance.

The Souls of Smite would be used for some strong and fast weaponry, including some upgrades on weapons.

Items made with Souls of Smite;

Smiteful Excalibur; Excalibur + 10 Souls of Smite. 52 Damage, 5.5 Knockback, 20 Usetime.

Smiteful Pwnhammer; Pwnhammer + 10 Souls of Smite. 31 Damage, 95% Hammer Power, 8.5 Knockback, 21 Usetime.

Smiteful Titan Glove; Titan Glove + 10 Souls of Smite. Increases weapon knockback by 110%.

Mountainmover Gear; Titan Glove + Spectre Boots + 10 Souls of Smite. Allows flight, allows the user to run "super fast", increases weapon knockback by 90%.

List any ideas in the comment section below.


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