• ZombieARCY

    Don't you just at it when things get boring in a game? same here so why not spice it with the a lil death! and by death I mean pushing your limits. What's more fun the trying your luck with the Bosses of Terraria. I did. First boss I fought was Cthulu. Yea I was pretty new to the game and so I had some trouble with Cthulu, me and another player did. But it was fun! Since played Terraria I've beaten Cthulu, King Slime, World Eater, and Skeletron. Oh! and can't forget the Wall of Flesh. That one was a pain because of it constantly pulling you into it. Beat him, Hard mode unlocked and I'm loving it. Next bosses on my list is gonna be Twins, Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime. Getting everything I need ready for the epic battle against Ocram. Can'…

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