Aand let's start!

First of all, I want to talk to you about monsters.And friends.They're both the same:when you least expect it, they come knocking at your door (and sometimes you wish they just knocked).But hey, maybe they're just chilling to death out there, and want inside your warm, cozy base.Then how about greeting them by offering them a nice, hot shower?But of course your friends deserve the best of the best, not just a simple hot shower, a Lava shower! Lava barrier blueprint

You just need a couple of pumps, some wire, a couple Active stone blocks, a timer and a lever.Just set them up as shown in this nice, little blueprint.Now, when you're expecting a visit, just pull the lever and the glorious fluid physics will do the rest.The stone blocks will retract and let the lava pour into the lower container, while the timer-operated set of pumps will keep circulating it to make sure your guests never run out of this molten hot commodity!More of these fun pastimes for your lovely guests later!