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This enemy is found only in the console version(s) of Terraria.
v Vampire Miner
Vampire Miner
Type Monster
HP 90 Heart
Attack 30
Defense 9
Variety Undead Miner
Spawn Time Sun Moon CharmNew (Anytime)
Spawn Area Underground
70 CopperCoin Small? 100%
Mining Shirt 2.4%
Mining Pants 2.4%
Bomb 91%
Hook 4%
Vampire Miner Banner 0.5%
Vial of Blood 10%
For the weaker PC Variant, see Undead Miner

The Vampire Miner is a new monster introduced in the console (and iOS) version of Terraria. It looks almost like the Undead Miner but with darker hue.


  • It has more health than the Undead Miner, and it deals more damage.
  • It only spawns near the stone layer and it seems to be more common than the Undead Miner.
  • Has a red "tint" to its sprite (which looks like a normal Undead Miner).
  • Confirmed to drop the same loot as an Undead Miner, although percentage might be slightly different.
  • It is possible it will spawn after a set amount of Skeletons have been killed, this is unconfirmed though.

Update info

Console release

  • Added to the game.

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