This weapon is found only in the old-gen console and mobile and 3ds version(s) of Terraria.

The Vulcan Repeater is a old-gen console and mobile exclusive repeater that is a higher tier than Hallowed.

Terraria - Vulcan Repeater

Terraria - Vulcan Repeater

The Vulcan Repeater automatically converts all shot arrows into Vulcan Bolts, which have a chance to split in mid-air and can also explode on contact with an enemy or surface. The Vulcan Bolts will not destroy blocks, but can damage the player.


  • It is wisest to use Wooden Arrows when using this Repeater since all arrows are changed into Vulcan Bolts.
  • It is not advisable to use this weapon in a confined space since the bolts will split occasionally and when they do they go in a < pattern.


  • The repeater is a reference to Vulcan, the Roman god of forgery and metalwork, or Hephaestus in Greek.

Update info


  • Removed from the Game


  • Price reduced.

Console release

  • Added to the game.

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