How to defeat the wall of flesh solo - Terraria 1

How to defeat the wall of flesh solo - Terraria 1.3 Tutorial the Wall of flesh

The Wall of Flesh has awoken. The Wall of Flesh (commonly abbreviated as WoF) is an aptly named wall made out of flesh that is the height of the entire Underworld Biome. It is the main boss of the Underworld, and defeating it in a world will permanently activate Hard Mode for that world. It is summoned only when the Guide is killed by allowing a Guide Voodoo Doll to fall into lava in the Underworld. The Wall of Flesh moves constantly in the same direction, forcing the player into an on-the-run battle. It is also the final boss in Pre-Hard Mode.


There are several bugs associated with summoning the Wall of Flesh. Please see the Bugs section for more details.
Doll in lava

You wouldn't want this to happen when you're not ready.

For the Wall of Flesh to be summoned, the Guide Voodoo Doll must fall into lava in the Underworld, the Guide must die as a result, and at least 1 player must be in the underworld. If the Guide is currently dead when the doll falls into lava, the Wall of Flesh will not spawn and the doll will have been wasted. The Guide must die and the message, "[Guide's name] was slain..." must appear at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Killing the Guide by any other means will not spawn the Wall of Flesh.

A second Wall of Flesh cannot be summoned if one is currently alive in the world. However, it's possible to consecutively summon the Wall of Flesh on the same world, as long as they are summoned and slain one at a time.

Icon mobile In the Mobile version, the boss is also able to be summoned by placing the Guide Voodoo Doll in the hotbar and tapping it. Throwing it into the lava will still destroy it and summon the boss. The same condition of being in the Underworld and having the Guide alive still apply.

Warning: Slaying a Voodoo Demon while it's flying over lava and not catching the doll before it falls into the lava will spawn the Wall of Flesh. It is usually preferable to spawn the Wall of Flesh by dropping the doll into lava from the player's inventory. Be sure to pick up all Guide Voodoo Dolls when they are dropped as lava can flow over the dropped Guide Voodoo Doll and burn it. This will also summon the Wall of Flesh.

When the Wall of Flesh is summoned, it will always spawn off the edge of the screen and begin traveling towards the world spawn point at the center of the map.

  • If the doll falls into lava closer to the left edge of the map, then the Wall of Flesh will come from the left and travel towards the right.
  • If the doll falls into lava closer to the right edge of the map, then the Wall of Flesh will come from the right and travel towards the left.

Attempting to Escape

There are several bugs associated with the debuffs inflicted by the Wall of Flesh. Please see the Bugs section for more details.

When summoned, the Wall of Flesh inflicts all players in the Underworld with a debuff called Horrified. Horrified prevents the player from leaving the Underworld until they die or the Wall of Flesh is defeated. Attempting to use a Magic Mirror, Recall Potion, Teleportation Potion, or leaving the server and coming back while the Horrified debuff is in effect will cause the player to explode upon arrival at their spawn point, and the unique message, "[Player's name] tried to escape." will appear in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

If the player attempts to get behind the Wall of Flesh by any means, it will use a long tongue with a very far range to pull the player in front of it again, inflicting The Tongue debuff. While The Tongue debuff is in effect, the player cannot move or use items, and will likely take a large amount of damage as a result.

The Tongue may also come into play if the player simply stops moving or if they run too far away from the Wall of Flesh. Note that The Tongue is able to force the player to pass through solid blocks in the process of pulling them along. The Tongue can also pull you into lava, killing you or damaging you for the fight. If you die, you may be pulled back and killed again, making it almost impossible.


The Wall of Flesh has two eyes that shoot lasers, and one mouth in the middle. These three locations are its vital points, and they share a combined 8000 health. Damaging the eyes or mouth is the only way to kill the Wall of Flesh; attacking any other part will not do any damage. Note that the mouth has 12 defense while the eyes don't have any defense at all, so the eyes are its greatest weak point.

Small flying enemies called The Hungry float out in front of the Wall of Flesh. Initially, they are attached to the Wall of Flesh, similar to Man Eaters in the Jungle, however, if The Hungry take enough damage, they detach from the Wall of Flesh and will chase the player.

As the Wall of Flesh loses more and more health, several changes can be noticed. Its mouth will begin to "burp" out small, red worm enemies called Leeches at an alarming rate. Additionally, the wall itself will travel slightly faster and the lasers fired from the eyes will receive increases in damage, speed, and frequency. Should any of The Hungry remain alive in the later stages of the battle, they will gain additional defense and their attack rating will increase as well.

In Expert Mode, Wall of Flesh is seen to be significantly faster than his prior speed, posing map navigating harder as the players are demanded to plan out their routes fasters. In addition, getting pulled by his tongue will inflict additional damage to the player, possibly killing a weakened player. Like many other expert bosses, the Wall possesses a desperate stage, whereas at very low health it will zoom at players at a much faster velocity, capable of outrunning even players with Frostspark Boots equipped.

The Wall of Flesh will disappear if it reaches the edge of the map, crushing the player if they are in the way. However, should the player die while fighting the Wall of Flesh, it is possible to return to the Underworld and continue the battle. The Tongue will grab the player from a great distance and throw them in front of the Wall of Flesh.

WoF drop

A farewell gift from the WoF

When the Wall of Flesh dies, it leaves behind a square of Demonite Bricks or Crimtane Bricks containing all of its drops, so as to prevent them from falling into the vast lava oceans in the underworld. The message, "Wall of Flesh has been defeated!" will appear to mark its death, and the message, "The ancient spirits of light and dark have been released." will appear once the game has finished creating new Biomes to denote that Hard Mode has been unlocked.

Hard Mode

Main Article: Hard Mode

Hard Mode will be unlocked when The Wall of Flesh has been defeated for the first time. In Hard Mode, the Corruption or Crimson will begin to spread through Stone Blocks, sand, mud, and even Sunflowers. To counter this, a new biome known as The Hallow will be generated the moment the Wall of Flesh dies. The Hallow and the Corruption (or Crimson) can slowly spread through one another and together they will spread throughout most of the world.

In Hard Mode, Demon Altars can be destroyed by the Pwnhammer (always dropped by the Wall of Flesh), causing new ores such as Cobalt Ore/Palladium Ore, Mythril Ore/Orichalcum Ore, and Adamantite Ore/Titanium Ore to appear.

Many new enemies are present in Hard Mode, most notoriously the Clown and the Corruptor (which, prior to version 1.2, used to be able to destroy tiles with thrown bombs and spread the Corruption with ranged attacks, respectively). Additional NPCs, such as the Wizard are also available in Hard Mode, as are a wide variety of new items and weapons. Powerful new bosses such as The Destroyer, The Twins, and Skeletron Prime await the player as well.

It should be noted that, like all other bosses, the Wall of Flesh can be defeated again on Hard Mode, making it easily possible to obtain all 6 of the possible drops in the Demonite Brick cube.

Recommended Equipment

The following lists contain some good ideas on what kind of equipment to use when killing the Wall of Flesh for the first time:



An effective ranged weapon or spell:

A decent melee weapon to deal with swarms of enemies:


Many other accessories including but not limited to the Magic Cuffs are potentially useful. It is recommended to Reforge all accessories as necessary so that they will give defense boosts or attack boosts.

Misc Equipment


Any other buff potion is potentially useful.



The Wall of Flesh battle in multiplayer

  • If you already defeated the Queen Bee, use the Beenades; they are really useful against WoF. Defeating the Hungry first and then spamming Beenades at the Wall itself is a very powerful move; however, you must have a sufficient amount of Beenades to do so and you must not use them on the Hungry or other enemies so as not to waste them. They will be able to kill the WoF easily without much of a fight. 
  • Always maintain some distance between yourself and the Wall of Flesh to avoid both getting The Tongue debuff and getting hit by its extremely painful melee attack. This will also help to avoid The Hungry.
  • Make it a high priority to eliminate all of The Hungry, as they will get much stronger as the Wall of Flesh loses more health.
  • A high defense rating (40+) can render lasers and Leeches virtually harmless.
  • It is very recommended to reforge your accessories to Warding or Armored. Because it helps to give more defense.
  • Ranged or magic weapons are always advised to be used against the Wall of Flesh, as melee weapons are typically both riskier to use and less effective.
  • Lava and obstacles in the Underworld are one of the greatest threats when fighting the Wall of Flesh, so make sure you have a way to deal with them.
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to see in the Underworld, so you might want to have a source of light.
  • Making a long bridge and placing heart statues along it is a very effective way to fight the Wall of Flesh. Or using camp fires for better life regen.
  • Using a Phoenix Blaster and a good count of Meteor Shot deals heavy damage quickly with reasonable cost to produce. Using this strategy and aiming directly for the eyes can be a very effective way to finish Wall of Flesh off quickly.
  • A Demon Scythe with a few mana potions and a mana flower can take out the hungry and leeches while also dealing heavy damage to the WoF.
  • When building a bridge, try to make sure there are no obstructions above or below so you can always have a clear line to attack the Wall of Flesh.
  • If the player has an Aqua Scepter, they might want to use it if they get into a sticky situation, as it pierces many enemies and does very rapid damage.
  • Instead building a bridge, try to build a long railway from the centre of the world to the end of the world. It is more time-saving, and more easier to build (just go about 11 mph and keep placing railway on front of you, 16 mph if you use builder potion). And the most important of this thing is when you're beating Wall of Flesh you don't need to keep busy pressing those keyboards while handling the boss, you just need to adjust the speed depending how low the health of the boss is. This method is very useful for Expert Mode players because of the high speed Minecart.
  • The disadvantage of making the arena with Minecart Tracks is when the Wall of Flesh is shooting lasers at you, it is hard to dodge. Minecarts just can jump, and the jump is low. But, you won't take any knockback, so you don't have to wear Cobalt Shield or Obsidian Shield to prevent knockbacks. Then you can use other accessories for the free slot.


The following is a list of strategies that can be employed against the Wall of Flesh. This section is concerned mostly with tactics rather than specific equipment choices. For equipment ideas, refer to the Recommended Equipment section above. This section is also tailored specifically to players who are having trouble with the Wall of Flesh, so refrain from posting strategies that require an immense amount of skill.


This strategy is the safest way to fight the Wall of Flesh, though it can be time consuming to set up. For this strategy, prepare for the battle by building a long bridge in the Underworld. The bridge should form a perfectly horizontal surface and it should be above all of the lava. If obstacles such as Ash Blocks, Hellstone or Underworld Houses are in the way, simply mine through them and continue building the bridge. The length of the bridge should ideally be 1500+ blocks long, so you will need at least 1.51 full stacks (999 blocks each) of whatever building material(s) you're using.

While building the bridge, be sure to kill any Voodoo Demons you come across, but not when they're flying above lava. Wait for them to fly above your bridge and then kill them so that the Guide Voodoo Doll cannot possibly fall into any lava. Constructing the bridge will likely take somewhere between 15-25 minutes depending on various factors such as what gear you have and what obstacles you come across. If enemies you kill drop health hearts and mana stars, you might consider leaving them on the ground, as you'll be passing by later while fighting the Wall.

When summoning the Wall of Flesh, make sure you stand at whichever end of the bridge is furthest away from the world spawn point at the center of the map, then throw the doll into the lava. This will ensure that the Wall of Flesh travels in the appropriate direction so that you can utilize your bridge.

For fighting the Wall of Flesh, simply run backwards along the bridge while constantly shooting at The Hungry and the eyes of the Wall of Flesh with your ranged weapon of choice. The Hermes Boots are essential with this strategy, as they will allow you to maintain a safe distance between yourself and the Wall of Flesh. As noted under Misc Equipment above, rolling Grenades and/or Dynamite along your bridge can work very well with this strategy. Keep in mind that Dynamite will blow up the bridge--unless it's made of dungeon bricks. Note that while the bridge remains intact, you can use it to kill the Wall of Flesh over and over again if you want to collect its various drops. Another good method is placing many areas on the bridge filled with spiky balls before the summoning. You might want to place them near the summoning area so that they attack it early on. This goes with almost any method, as the balls will do damage to the wall without you having to go to close to hit. However this only does lots of damage depending on the amount of spiky balls placed.


Improvising is basically a worst case scenario, which usually only occurs from an accidental summoning (Voodoo Demon died above lava and the Guide doll fell into the lava). Just in case that this event happens, always bring a Water Walking Potion or Obsidian Skin Potion with you to the Underworld to deal with lava. Rocket Boots or a Grappling Hook are typically used to move around more easily.


This strategy uses Gravitation Potions to fly around lava and obstacles in the Underworld. Its main advantages are that it provides a lot of mobility and that it doesn't require a ton of preparatory work such as constructing a bridge. With this strategy, simply drink a Gravitation Potion and use the up/down controls to fly up and down around the terrain in hell, while constantly shooting at The Hungry and the Wall of Flesh. Two things to keep in mind with this strategy are that you could be in a lot of trouble if your Gravitation Buff runs out, and that, depending on how the Underworld was generated, moving around the terrain may be difficult or even impossible in some locations.

This is a slightly more difficult strategy to execute than the bridge strategy, as it requires some skill and experience to use Gravitation Potions, and shooting while your altitude is constantly changing is more difficult than when your altitude remains constant. However, it's still an effective strategy and it requires very little time and effort to set up. Before using this strategy, consider practicing with gravity potions on the surface.

Melee to Ranged

This strategy involves attacking the hungry with a good melee/crowd control weapon. This strategy is very useful, as sometimes the player will find the wall of flesh is blocked off by the hungry, and, without Meteor shot or Unholy arrows, the WoF will be hard to hit. To execute this technique, the player must summon the WoF, equip a good melee weapon (Nights edge, dark lance...) and destroy the hungry as quickly as possible. once the majority of the hungry have been defeated, switch to a good ranged weapon (Phoenix blaster, Demon scythe...) and attack the WoF's eyes. This technique will kill the WoF far easier than it would be if you just attacked the WoF with a ranged weapon straight away.


  • Rarely when the WoF is killed hard mode will not activate and it does not drop the Pwnhammer, instead it drops two items from the "Only one of these will drop" list.
  • Sometimes, when attempting to summon the WoF for the second time (assuming it hasn't been defeated), it will not work, even if all the requirements are met. If this happens, simply exit the game and go back on, and it should work.
  • The Horrified debuff might remain on the player after being killed by the Wall of Flesh.
  • It has been reported that sometimes the Wall of Flesh may not be summoned when a Voodoo Demon is killed above lava (even though the doll falls in the lava and the Guide dies).
  • If the doll falls into lava very far away from the player (completely offscreen), the Wall of Flesh might spawn without eyes, a mouth or The Hungry, and is completely invincible.
  • Sometimes the Wall of Flesh cannot be summoned a second time on the same world. (To deal with this, you might have to reinstall Terraria.)
  • Sometimes after beating, and then teleport back home, the next time you start, the world might be gone. (To deal with this, try to play upwards of 5 minutes after killing the WoF.)
    WoF out of render distance

    This is what happens if the player is too far away from the WoF after the player dies and the player can manage to see the WoF before despawn.

  • Sometimes after you defeat WoF, some Leeches might follow you back to your house if you teleport.
  • If the player gets behind the WoF, causing the Tongue debuff, you might get stuck in front of the WoF.
  • On a multiplayer server if there are multiple people fighting the Wof and someone falls behind the WoF, the Tongue Debuff will activate, but the player will get stuck behind a block and will not be able to mine their way out, move, or fight until the next logoff.
  • The horrified state stays only in a certain area, where you first threw it is, and all the way it came from the point the doll was thrown it, to the point of the end of the world in the direction the WoF came from.
  • Sometimes, two WoF's might spawn, both fully realized and will drop loot independently.
  • Sometimes after beating WoF, it might not drop loot.
  • If the doll falls into lava too close to the edge of the world, the WoF will spawn and kill the player instantly, leaving the message, "<playername> was licked."
  • Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 Frequently, when tossing the Voodoo Doll into lava, the Wall of Flesh may spawn going the wrong way (e.g. Spawns on the left, going left), causing it to immediately grab the player with its tongue, and then reach the end of the map within seconds. A possible way to fix this is making a place to throw the Doll, near the middle of the map, and have the arena spread sufficiently on each side. The WoF will spawn near the edge of the screen, and either head the correct direction, where the player may continue to fight normally, or the glitch will happen, and the player will be grabbed by the tongue, where they can start fighting normally after it releases. (Untested on PS3, tested on Xbox 360.)
  • Icon ps3 If the WoF has lost around 75% of its health and the player(s) die, after a few seconds later the WoF will die too.
  • Sometimes when the player(s) is stuck between a wall and WoF it will die at any health. As a result, the player is stuck using the item that was held when WoF died re-logging seems to not fix it either. This can be fixed by quitting the game and re-opening it.
  • Sometimes when the player(s) enter Hell too fast after being killed by WoF WoF might not have despawned, causing the player(s) too be dragged too the front of WoF and killing the player(s) almost instantly.


  • The wall resembles the boss in the 1986 video game Abadox.
  • If fought and defeated for a second time near an Underground Corruption or Underground Hallow, it has a chance to drop a Soul of Night/Light along with its other loots.
  • If defeated during Christmas time (15-31 Dec.), it can drop a Present.
  • If defeated during Halloween time (24 Oct. -10 Nov.), it can drop a Goodie Bag.
  • Sometimes a Hungry stays if the WoF is killed.


Wall of Flesh Solo Guide - by Dunkston

Wall of Flesh Solo Guide - by Mathmagician

WOF Strategies - by Ragonoid

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  • Added to the game.
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