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v1183Wisp in a Bottle
Item 1183
Type Item
Sub-Type Summoner
Quality Tier 8 (Yellow)
Summons Wisp
Dropped By Blue Armored Bones
Hell Armored Bones
Drop Rate 0.17%
Sell Value 5 GoldCoin Small 50 SilverCoin Small 
This item cannot be crafted.
The Wisp in a Bottle is a pet-summoning item. When used, it will act similarly to a Fairy Bell and the Shadow Orb (Spell). It will summon a wisp that, unlike the others, will follow the player's movement inputs. It will go left if the player presses Left, and so on. This can prove to be a very useful way of locating caves and ores as it passes through walls; if the player presses down, the wisp will go down, but their character will not move. The wisp does not have a duration to it. It cannot be active at the same time as the Fairy Bell or a Shadow Orb. The wisp functions like a pet that follows you around.


Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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