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Witch Doctor

Last edited on April 8, 2014
by Steven.logghe.7
v228Witch Doctor
NPC 228
Type NPC
Sub Type Town
HP 250
Defense 15

The Witch Doctor is an NPC that spawns after defeating the Queen Bee and there is a house available for him.

Witch Doctor - Terraria 1Witch Doctor - Terraria 1.2 Guide New NPC! (01:49, 3470 views)


Item Sale Price Special Conditions
Blowgun 5 None
Hercules Beetle 40 In Jungle Biome, Plantera defeated, Pygmy Staff acquired
Imbuing Station 7 None
Leaf Wings 1 (Night), In Jungle Biome (Hardmode)
Pygmy Necklace 40 (Night), Plantera defeated
Stynger Bolt 75 Have Stynger in inventory
Tiki Mask 50 Plantera defeated, Pygmy Staff in inventory
Tiki Shirt 50 Plantera defeated, Pygmy Staff in inventory
Tiki Pants 50 Plantera defeated, Pygmy Staff in inventory
Tiki Totem 2 In Jungle Biome (Hardmode)
Cauldron 1 50 Halloween
Water Fountains No value Plantera defeated


  • Many of his items do not appear in his/her shop on multiplayer, but they will on singleplayer. A good example of this is the Tiki Armor.[citation needed]
  • When using a Hunter Potion, the Witch Doctor will light up.


  • If you look closely, the Witch Doctor appears to be a Lihzahrd considering he has a tail,greenish skin, and a head frill.

Update Info



  • Added to the game.

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