The Wooden Boomerang is the weakest throwing weapon in the game. It can be found in Chests anywhere in any world.

It is usually the first non-consumable thrown weapon the player will find, and is useful for taking out enemies from a distance. Early-game, it is prized for the fact that it deals similar damage to that of a wooden-bow-and-arrow combo, without requiring that you use stone and wood to craft new arrows. However, it does take a bit of practice to master. Like all types of boomerangs, before it turns around to come back it can go through one block, meaning skilful players may be able to hit enemies through walls. Although this is fairly inefficient as weapons such as Vilethorn can pass through walls freely.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


  • There is a glitch in mobile versions of Terraria, that when thrown it has infinite range and can go through blocks. This glitch happens randomly and there is no known way to fix it.