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NPC 343
Type Monster
HP 3500 Heart
Attack 140
Defense 50
Spawn Time Frost Moon
(waves 12-19)
30 SilverCoin Small? 100%

The Yeti is a monster that spawns during the Frost Moon event at wave 12 and on. As a result of its extreme resilience to knockback and high attack, it is a formidable foe should it attack in great numbers. However, as it is ground-based, players who have any form of height advantage over it are fairly safe.


In order to deal with many of these monsters at once, a player may want to consider using Ranged Weapons or thrown Melee Weapons which will pierce multiple enemies (eg. Paladin's Hammer, Vampire Knives, a powerful gun with Meteor Shot, etc.). Hovering, using a flight-enabling accessory is recommended, although this may cause unwanted altercations with aerial enemies such as Flockos and the Ice Queen.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

    Several yetis grouped together in the later waves

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