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v Yoraiz0r's Outfit
Type Vanity Item
Sub-Type Vanity Set
Body Slot Helmet/Shirt/Pants Slots (Full Set)
Quality Tier 9
Tooltip 'Great for impersonating devs!'
Found In Treasure Bags
Drop Rate 5% (1:20)
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.

Yoraiz0r's Outfit is a vanity set that can only be obtained as a 5% drop chance from Treasure Bags. It is comprised of Yoraiz0r's Recolored GogglesYoraiz0r's Uniform, Yoraiz0r's Skirt, Yoraiz0r's Scowl and Yoraiz0r's Spell.


  • This armor set comes with 4 Skiphs's Bloods when obtained from a treasure bag.
  • There is only one variant of Yoraiz0r's Outfit, rather than separate ones for male and female player bases.
  • Yoraiz0r's Spell functions as the wings in the set, while graphically behaving like Rocket Boots. It also adds a glow to a player's model. (See here for more info.)

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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